Reach Peak Performance, Put Your Health First, and Look Your Best

BTB Wellness Lounge is the medical branch of high-performance fitness lab DESIGNED BY BTB Fitness to help you reach your peak potential.

About Us

BTB Wellness aids in supporting optimal health through nutrition, hormone balancing via blood and genetic testing, IV therapy, regenerative medicine, and fat loss. Our services supplement the intense training programs offered by BTB Fitness to aid high-performing members on their journey towards finding the perfect balance of feeling great and BEING GREAT.

Our Services

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream directly, allowing for optimal cellular absorption and maximal results.


At BTB Wellness we offer Glutathione, B12, and Skinny Shot to help you get looking and feeling your best.


Coming Soon

Regenerative Medicine

We offer regenerative medical treatments aimed at combating degeneration and aiding your body’s natural healing process.

Professional Stretching

Regular stretching sessions can improve your body’s range of motion, ultimately resulting in improved movement patterns and making you less prone to injury.

Blood Chemistry Testing

Blood chemistry testing helps clients discover their unique cheat code to optimize bodily function.

“The goal of this center will focus on recovery, optimization of health, wellness, and performance in the absence of disease. My goal is to provide quality service and address the healthcare issues people are so desperately seeking.”

Dr. Brandon Hollenberg

Find out exactly what your body is missing, and what it needs to crack your specific health code.