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About BTB Wellness Lounge: Wellness & Fitness Go Hand-In-Hand

BTB Wellness Lounge is the medical branch of high-performance fitness lab BTB Fitness designed to help you reach your peak potential. BTB Wellness aids in supporting optimal health through nutrition, hormone balancing via blood and genetic testing, IV therapy, regenerative medicine, and fat loss. Our services supplement the intense training programs offered by BTB Fitness to aid high-performing members on their journey towards finding the perfect balance of feeling great and BEING GREAT.

About owner and founder Dr. Brandon Hollenberg

As a licensed chiropractor for almost 25 years, Brandon’s passion has always been helping people get better, and to educate his patients on what it takes to truly balance their body for optimal health. Often, physical symptoms like aches, pains, and weight problems, are all external manifestations of inflammation and imbalance in the body. Brandon believes that balancing the body in a holistic manner is essential to preventing disease rather than merely treating outward symptoms, which are typically signs that the body is already in need of healing. 

Brandon founded BTB Wellness Lounge to help clients feel, look, and move their best. BTB Wellness Lounge offers a range of wellness and aesthetic services using cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Every human body is unique, and so is how each person can achieve optimal health. Brandon will work with each client individually and tailor each service provided to their specific needs.

Brandon’s background in chiropractic care provides him with a thorough understanding of the human body and its muscle, skeletal, and nervous systems. However, while chiropractic care can address many illnesses and help with neuro-musculoskeletal components of the body, there are still many other components that must be addressed in order to achieve ideal mental and physical health. Brandon is ready to take his lifelong dedication of helping people get healthy to the next level by tackling these other components to help his clients build a sustainable plan towards health and wellness in all aspects of their life.

“Although Chiropractic addresses the neuro-musculoskeletal components of the body, proper nutrition, hydration, and mental health must also be addressed. BTB Wellness Lounge is designed to supplement the components most of us are not addressing” – Dr. Brandon Hollenberg

He helps clients find out exactly what their body is missing, and what it needs in order crack their specific health code through blood and genetic testing. Then, clients can use vitamin supplementation tailored to what their body type, current physical status, and genetic makeup requires. 

“Random vitamin supplementation is a complete guessing game until you can undergo proper testing to see what’s right for your body.” – Dr. Brandon Hollenberg

Conventional Western medicine is based on invasive surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. BTB Wellness Lounge uses innovative regenerative medicine modalities such as PRP, stem cell therapy, and exosomes to aid the body’s powerful natural healing processes so it can heal itself without artificial chemicals and invasive procedures. Clients can use these regenerative medicine services along with proper professional stretching that the clinic offers pre/post workout (check out our membership deals with BTB Fitness!) to heal from injuries and prevent future ones as they lead active lives. 

“The goal of this center will focus on recovery, optimization of health, wellness, and performance in the absence of disease. My goal is to provide quality service and address the healthcare issues people are so desperately seeking.” – Dr. Brandon Hollenberg