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BTB Wellness has partnered with 4BPM which is the Official Partner of the NFL Alumni Performance Lab and we help you discover your cheat code to maximize your body by giving it the specific raw materials it needs to operate efficiently and at its absolute best. What would it feel like if you had more energy to do the things you loved, slept better, look and feel younger, had more passion, and could bring more of yourself to your daily life? How would your life be different?

At 4BPM, everything starts with understanding what the body needs and that starts by asking your body exactly what it needs through different diagnostic testing such as blood ($199), genetics ($499), and metabolomics ($499). Your blood can provide us a window into how your organs are functioning, if your hormone levels are balanced, how well your immune system is working, and what nutrient deficiencies you have. Genetics tell us what you may be predisposed to or if your body can convert and utilize certain vitamins and minerals. This process called methylation, if not functioning properly, can manifest itself as ADHD, OCD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, anxiety, stomach issues, and depression. Metabolomics looks at the waste metabolites in your urine to determine what vitamins and minerals it needs more or less of.

With the information we’ve gathered from your blood, genetics, and metabolic profile, we create a highly customized protocol that addresses each of your biomarkers and deficiencies that need to be optimized and your unique DNA. Our next step is to educate you on what each of the biomarkers means, how it correlates to a specific function in your body, and how you’re going to feel when it’s optimized. The average doctor-patient interaction lasts 16 minutes, which isn’t enough time for them to explain what everything means. We believe education leads to empowerment which will help you become more accountable and responsible for your own health and wellness. After implementing the protocol, our patients typically have more energy, sleep better, build more muscle mass, lose more fat, look and feel younger, improve their cellular processes and immune system, and have a significant improvement in their mood and well-being. Since we’re building a highly individualized protocol for each patient, the price of the protocol varies depending on how far away that patient is from being optimized. We’ve had patients who didn’t need anything at all to those that wanted everything and their protocols cost approximately $2,500 for 10 weeks. As we begin to dial in your biomarkers, we’ll be able to remove some items from the protocol as you become healthier.


Are you ready to begin this exciting path that will revolutionize your vitality, promote healing, and make you feel and look younger?

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How Does Blood Chemistry Testing Work?

The focus at BTB Wellness Lounge is always on pinpointing why our clients are not functioning optimally and then correcting the problem or boosting the body through holistic ways. BTB Wellness takes a comprehensive, holistic assessment of each client’s mind, body, and lifestyle to determine each patient’s current situation and formulate an individualized protocol to deal with bodily imbalances and address issues that may be preventing our clients from achieving optimal body function. The foundation of leading a sustainable, optimized lifestyle begins with an acute understanding of what the body requires. Through different types of diagnostic testing, like blood chemistry testing, we help you find out what your body’s unique needs are in order to look, feel, and perform your best.

What Does Blood Chemistry Testing Analyze?

Your blood offers a way to accurately assess:

How your organs are functioning

How well your immune system is working

If your hormone levels are balanced

Any nutrient deficiencies you have

With the information that we gather from your blood chemistry, genetic, and metabolic testing, our partners at 4BPM help us engineer an extremely individualized protocol to address each of your unique biomarkers and tackle the deficiencies that can be optimized to aid peak body function. Remember- every individual has a unique body makeup and a different journey to peak wellness based on their DNA makeup. Next, our clinic educates you on what each of the biomarkers mean, the way that each biomarker correlates to a specific function in your body, and how much better you will feel when those biomarkers are optimized!

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At BTB Wellness Lounge, we believe that health and wellness is a lifelong journey requiring an action plan that is sustainable long-term. That is why we holistically assess your individual situation and spend as much time as you need educating you on how your body can achieve optimal function. During a standard doctor’s appointment, the average doctor-patient interaction only lasts around 16 minutes! That’s far from enough time to gain a thorough understanding of the patient’s individual health status and lifestyle, and definitely not enough time to educate the patient on how to optimize their health. A foundational belief of BTB Wellness Lounge is that everybody deserves to be educated on how to be the healthiest version of themselves. Education empowers our clients to become more responsible and accountable for their own health and wellness.

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