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BTB Wellness Lounge was founded to aid people on their journey to sustainable wellness and a healthy lifestyle. As we age, our bodies break down and the risk of chronic illnesses like osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes goes up. While there isn’t a “silver bullet” cure for these conditions, breakthroughs in regenerative medicine along with a healthy lifestyle may help prevent the root causes of chronic diseases. We offer a range of regenerative medicine treatments to help clients optimize their bodies through natural growth and repair mechanisms.

What Does Regenerative Medicine Mean?

Regenerative medicine integrates the fundamentals of engineering and biology to create innovative therapies for diseases caused by lost tissue, cell depletion, or damaged organs. Regenerative medicine as a whole is aimed at regenerating, engineering, or replacing tissue through the body’s natural growth and repair mechanisms like stem cells. 

Regenerative Medicine Services We Offer

BTB Wellness Lounge offers stem cell treatment, PRP therapy, and exosome treatment to fight the aging process, help the body heal itself, and prevent chronic illness

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the cells that divide into new cells with specialized functions, meaning that they can regenerate into different types of new tissue like cartilage. Our patients have found stem cell therapy to be a safe and effective way of treating a variety of injuries and acute or chronic conditions. Some potential benefits of stem cell therapy include:

  • Accelerated healing
  • Regenerate and repair old tissue
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing pain and soreness
  • Faster recovery
  • Recovery from knee and joint injuries
  • Reducing damage from arthritis/osteoarthritis
  • Recovering from shoulder damage
  • Reducing chronic lower back pain
  • Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging properties

Stem cells have been shown to repair bone, muscle, cartilage, tendons, and more. Recent research indicates that stem cells may be effective at relieving a wide variety of health conditions and may help individuals lead stronger, healthier lives.

PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy accelerates healing of damaged or injured connective tissues with naturally-occurring growth factors in your own blood platelets. Localized injections of PRP to the affected areas have been shown to improve and heal a range of injuries to the ligaments, joints, and tendons. A significant number of chronically painful musculoskeletal conditions are due to degeneration and injuries along with reduced healing capacity at the weak connection sites within these tissues. PRP therapy has also been shown to be effective at treating scars on the skin, hair thinning, nerve injuries, and more. As further research is being conducted, more benefits of PRP therapy are being discovered every year.


Exosomes are tiny structures that most cells in our bodies secrete that travel between cells and deliver healing properties in the form of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Exosomes facilitate cell-to-cell communication and thus can be used to help regenerate tissues. Since exosomes aren’t specific to any particular cell type, they can be used to treat a wide array of injuries and diseases.

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